Why transit insurance

Providing the most convenient, hassle-free, and cost-efficient process for single transit insurance for your cargo.

Why  transit insurance is important?

Goods transport insurance has become easier with Tumbrela with a complete end-to-end insurance solution for goods in transit. Your goods in transit are always in danger of damage and you can secure your value of goods by getting insurance online through your mobile following simple steps instantly before loading your goods in transport.

Why buy transit Insurance online?

You can get insurance, pay premiums online and claim damages from the same platform with an earlier service option.
Digital Process

If you buy the cargo insurance online, you do not need any physical paperwork or send or visit insurance companies.

Save money

We work with the most trusted Insurance company that gives the best premium price for your goods for insuring its freight movement.

Fixed premium price

You do not need a price or service comparison, get a fixed premium from the service provider and get going.

Buy as needed

You can choose the service optionally and we do not bound you to make the purchase but it's for your good’s safety.

3 steps Insurance

Get insurance in simple steps by adding freight details, receiving quotes, making payment, and you are done.

Get easy claims

We facilitate you in getting your insurance claims from the service provided and get you earlier insurance.

Calculating price online

Transit insurance has made the process of goods insurance much easier online where you can get a fixed premium price instantly within seconds through your mobile device or computers by adding goods details and transportation destination. This simple process makes your transport goods secure from theft, breakage, and any transit damage.